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South View Primary

SMSC and British Values


The intent of our school's SMSC education is to support our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and equip them to become responsible and active citizens. We aim to provide a learning environment that helps students to develop self-awareness, empathy for others and an appreciation of cultural diversity. We want our pupils to take responsibility for their own learning and behaviour, as well as recognise their role in wider society.

SMSC is an integral part of our curriculum, and the following measures have been implemented to ensure that it is delivered to the highest standards:

1. Our school organises regular assemblies, class discussions, and circle time activities to enable children to explore their feelings, values and beliefs. This promotes self-awareness and social-emotional wellbeing.
2. We have enriched our curriculum to include opportunities to explore cultural diversity, such as promoting global learning through geography and history, and allowing students to experience different traditions and celebrations through music, dance, and art.
3. We provide opportunities for students to engage in charitable work, fundraising events, and community service to encourage social responsibility.
4. The school has established robust safeguarding practices that promote children's safety, welfare and respect for their rights.

Our SMSC education has had a significant impact on our students. It has resulted in our pupils having a greater appreciation of ethical and moral issues, including social justice, equality, and human rights. The pupils are well prepared to participate in, and contribute to, a multicultural and diverse society. They have acquired excellent social skills through communication, collaboration, and teamwork. As a result, our pupils show great respect, tolerance and empathy towards their peers and others beyond the school environment. The impact of our SMSC provision, together with other elements of our curriculum, has resulted in our pupils making good progress in their learning and development, raising standards of behaviour, and contributing towards a happy, positive and inclusive school community.



British Values

Our intent at South View Community Primary School is to promote and integrate British Values into all aspects of school life. By doing so, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children learn to respect and appreciate diversity while developing a sense of pride in being British citizens.

We implement British Values through our curriculum, teaching, and extracurricular activities in the following ways:


We encourage pupil voice and involve children in decision-making processes that affect their learning and wellbeing. Through class and school parliament elections, pupils learn about the importance of voting, freedom of speech, and debate. We also teach about the history and functioning of democracy in the UK, including the role of parliament and local government.

Rule of law:

We promote a positive and inclusive school culture where rules are clearly defined and consistently applied. Children learn about the laws that govern our society and how they ensure a fair and just society. We also teach about the consequences of breaking the law, including the impact on personal safety, wellbeing, and community cohesion.

Individual liberty:

We encourage pupils to think independently, make informed choices, and take responsibility for their actions. We teach about the importance of human rights, including the right to freedom of belief, speech, and expression. We also promote tolerance and respect for the beliefs, values, and opinions of others.

Mutual respect and tolerance:

We celebrate and value the diversity of our school community and beyond. We teach children about diversity and respect for differences, including different cultures, religions, lifestyles, and abilities. We promote open discussions and debates to challenge prejudices and stereotypes. We also organise cultural events and visits that enhance pupils' understanding of different cultures and religions.


Our implementation of British Values has had a profound impact on our pupils, staff, and wider community. The outcomes of promoting British Values are measured through:

Pupil achievement:

We observe that pupils who understand and embrace British Values have improved self-esteem, confidence, and social skills. They also have a broader knowledge and understanding of the world around them, leading to higher levels of academic achievement.

Behaviour and wellbeing:

Pupils who understand British Values are more likely to exhibit positive behaviour and interact respectfully with peers and adults. They also feel safe and secure in the school environment, which enhances their wellbeing and mental health.

Community cohesion:

We witness a positive impact on our wider community, where pupils' engagement and understanding of others have improved social harmony. We have established positive relationships with parents, carers, and local organisations that strengthen our collective approach to nurturing children's development.

Overall, we are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment where our pupils develop British Values to become responsible and respectful global citizens.