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South View Primary

Reading Intervention - PROJECT X CODE

Struggling readers, in Years 3 and 4, benefit from a reading intervention: Project X Code. CODE combines phonics and comprehension development in an exciting and motivational character adventure series. Designated teaching assistants have been trained by an accredited ECC Trainer to enable them to support, manage and evaluate Project X CODE and embed it in an overall strategy to tackle underachievement in reading by enabling them to adapt sessions to meet children’s needs and help them to overcome difficulties, develop their skills and enjoy reading.

It is a unique two-text approach: Text 1 is 100% decodable to build confidence and develop vocabulary; Text 2 is 80% decodable to challenge children and deepen comprehension.

16 entry and exit points mean that children can start and finish the intervention at a point which is right for them.

Longer and more challenging stories and linked non-fiction books at Oxford Reading Levels 10 and 11 encourage children to become more fluent readers and more accurate spellers.