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South View Primary

Accelerated Reader




At South View, we use Accelerated Reader, a reading scheme, which is designed to encourage and promote successful reading. At the beginning of Year 3 and then at the end of each term, each child will take an online Star Reading assessment that determines his/her appropriate reading level. This is a computer-based test that measures a child’s reading ability through a series of 34 questions. Every test for every child is different, and the computer selects different questions for each child dependent on how well they answer the previous questions. Essentially, the computer adapts the test to suit each pupil.  

The questions test the child’s understanding of vocabulary, their ability to make predictions, draw conclusions, explore the plot, setting, character, theme, and point of view in text, the characteristics of different genres and children’s understanding and analysis of an author’s use of language and literary devices to create certain effects.  

Once the Star Reader assessment has been completed, teachers are provided with an individual report for each child such as the one below.

From the Star Reader assessments, children will be given a ZPD range, which defines the readability range of books within which pupils should read to best develop their reading while avoiding frustration or loss of motivation.

When books are finished, children take a short (5 to 10 question) quiz on the computer. Passing the quiz is an indication that the child understands the material. Quizzes can be completed on most books read. All library books have a sticker on the inside front cover which details the quiz number.  If this is missing for some reason, we can use by typing in the name of the book read, and it will bring up the quiz number. Quizzes are only taken at school.